When submitting a booking request, please include the following:

- Name and location of venue

- Type and length of performance requested

- Occasion of the event

- Theme of the event (if applicable)

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to have fire performance indoors?

It absolutely is! Your venue must have high ceilings, an appropriate floor surface, and good ventilation. Please contact your local fire marshal for permitting requirements for your city. Lydia is fully insured by Specialty Insurance Agency and is happy to provide a certificate to additionally insure your venue at your request. In cases where fire isn't permitted, light performance is a great substitute! LED props can even be programmed to look like fire, if you so desire.

Can I request a specific costume or music for the performance?

You sure can! Please include that information in your contact request. Keep in mind that costume requests may be subject to extra charges.

How safe is it, really?

You're asking someone to play with fire for you - it's as safe as it can be. Every fire show is attending by a trained safety professional to oversee the performance and make sure all goes according to plan. Fire blankets as well as fire extinguishers will be brought on site as well.

Where can I learn fire dancing?

Typically, one begins with mastering a tool sans-fire before lighting up. While Lydia does not offer workshops or lessons, contact for lessons from artists local to Washington, DC, skype lessons, and other resources.

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